This is the way it begins…

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012. That’s the day your life changed. Really, the world changed, but you don’t that yet. That’s ok though. No else does either. Well, almost no one at least.

As for what happened to you though, the possibilities are endless. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe some kind of emotional trauma. Maybe the heavens opened and you heard the voice of God. Or maybe your dog just started complaining to you about the weather. Whatever it was you suddenly found yourself with a new ability. Able to do something that people just shouldn’t be able to do.

It’s been a month now, and hopefully you’re learning to cope. Even if you are though the mystery of it is beginning to take it’s toll on you. Harder still is keeping it secret or dealing with the looks you get from the person you’ve told or even shown what you can do. So when someone shows who seems to know whats going on and promises know you ought to be cautious but you need to know. So you take the invitation. You get in that car or plane or bus and on July 9th, you arrive in Greenville, South Carolina, check into your provided room and try to get some sleep before the next day’s meeting.


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